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Pressure washing, soft washing and surface cleaning in general (i.e. roofs, windows, fences, driveways and walkways) is a mature industry that hasn’t changed much over the past 30 years. Recently the FAA has decided to allow commercial operation of drones to commence for many industries in the USA provided the drone pilots complete comprehensive education as it pertains to our national airspace and obtain their FAA Airman Certification by passing a thorough FAA drone pilots exam.

The owners of Top Drone Surface Cleaning recognized that using drone technology as the primary surface cleaning tool for soft and pressure washing would be a game changer for those businesses willing to invest in state-of-the-art drones and obtain FAA certification to fly drone missions.

Use of drone technology is better for our clients (i.e. residential and commercial) because none of our team members will ever walk on your roofs which eliminates the possibility of damage to the roof and is much safer for our employees.  The use of drone technology is also more efficient and significantly reduces the amount of time required for each job.  The gains in operational efficiency and productivity translate into a much better value to our clients due to lesser cost as compared to our “old school” competitors.


Top Drone Stars2

All of our commercial drones are purpose built and have flight times that vary depending on payload from 20 to 30 minutes. We always arrive at job sites with multiple sets of Lithium Polymer batteries which are quickly and easily swapped out when the battery life runs low. The purpose-built drone for washing is tethered to a custom-built system that pumps the cleaning solution from the ground up to the drone. Tethering the supply hose to the drone reduces the weight of the payload and increases the flight time of each mission.

Moreover, the drone is completely waterproof and can fly missions with wind gusts of up to 25 mph. This is especially important in FL due to the frequent rain and thunderstorms we typically receive every day during the summer months in the afternoon. Please visit the Gallery section of this website to see our drones at work as well as before and after images.


Top Drone Stars2

The management team of Top Drone Surface Cleaning are very familiar with surface cleaning and have experience cleaning a variety of surfaces since 2001. Additionally, our drone pilots are trained in the use of multiple types of drones and are all FAA certified to fly drones commercially. We use a custom-made drone for soft and pressure washing and a separate drone to photograph before and after pictures and/or videos at the job site. Lastly, while the use of drones for commercial purposes is still relatively new, virtually all our team members have “stick time” flying a variety of both commercial and recreational drones.